Author Interview: Christine Wilson – Podcast #14

“..just a slight tweak to your daily. It’s a minor adjustment to your routine. A few modifications to our normal that would change the trajectory of our lives. ”
– Christine Wilson, Author

Writing a book is a very common dream but very few people step out on faith to do it. Christine Wilson decided to answer the call and write her story. Her new book “Authentically You – Following Your Own Path” is a powerful mix of realness and encouragement. In this interview, Christine shares what was the trigger to get her to start writing again and what your book publishing experiences were like.

Listen to interview as Christine shares insights and words of wisdom.


The book is available at or a signed copy at

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  1. Olivia Hinnant says:

    Wonderful interview from such a sweet woman of God.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brenda Malloy
    Outstanding interview with a beautiful blessed woman of God! I have my signed autographed copy of my book. Outstanding!!! Five stars!Glory!

  3. PhotosbyZLAW says:

    I really enjoyed the interview, very helpful!

  4. kathy downey says:

    Thanks,so happy i got to hear this show !

  5. Michelle L says:

    Authentically you!

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