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Sometimes life leaves us busted and broken and feeling like we are left for trash.  How amazing that someone’s passion is about salvaging the lost. Tolerance Roundtree a.k.a “Coach Confidence” knows what it’s like to have life try to break her spirit. She reaches as far as possible into the “pit” to pull out as many women as possible. In hopes that they will not only see but be confident in who God created them to be. She is a Motivational Speaker as well as Published Author.  Her motto: I

Andrea Merriman is a Wife, Mother, Speaker, Trainer & Creative Harmony Coach. She has survived the death of two daughters working through the pain with purpose and passion. Working diligently to raise her surviving children she organizes her day to fill her passion, by sharing her techniques and strength with other women in need.

Listen as Andrea shared how she took that pain and changed it to PEARLS.
P-To Plan, E-Be Empower Yourself, A-Take Action, R-Review, L-Be a Leader, S-Start Sharing.

We congratulate Andrea for being one of the phenomenal co-authors of the “Diary of a People Pleasure” compiled by Cheryl Peavy.

Sometimes in life, you have to make a radical move. You have to leave people and things behind in order to be in the right place for your destiny. Listen as Marsha shares her story of leaving Jamaica despite opposition because she felt there was more for her. She was no longer tied to relationships that did not support her and her dreams.

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